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June 21, 2020


I like change too much
that’s why I could never have tattoos
if I got one, I’d like it for a few days
then find myself wishing I’d got something different
If I got one on my left arm
I’d wish I got it on my right arm
or ankle or leg or chest or somewhere on this anatomy
a different design, a different color, a different size, a different saying
I’m too much of an artist
who doesn’t like to look at the same exact picture over and over
a lot of them are butt ugly that should never be shown in public
probably a lot of regrets out there
they are hard to get rid of so I’ve heard
so you better make sure it’s what you want 
make sure too that the tattoo artist can spell
you don’t want
tomarrow never knows on you for eternity
they used to mean you were a biker
or an ex-sailor or a sailor on leave girl in every port
now every tom dick and harry has them
every office worker who lives in a cubicle 
every emma olivia ava isabella sophia charlotte mia amelia
I never saw a tattoo on a woman I ever liked
grace kelly never had no tattoos dude