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June 23, 2020


I wanna know when’s my ship’s gonna come in
I’ve been waiting thousands of sundowns
at this ramshackled collection of wooden planks
down beside rough and tumble docks
gigantic container ships come in— with nothing for me
my longshoremen have given up and went home
with their hard liquor and harder women
they don’t know nothing else
scanning the horizon but I don’t see any ships
no boats freighters tugs dinghys rowboats 
all I see I is the blasted fog
fog rolling in like a derailed freight train down a hill
foghorns ominous sound that cuts like sailors knife
a bell clangs somewhere but I can’t see some or where
somewhere a captain wishes he were on dry land
thought I heard footsteps but it’s just my last hope
rushing off to catch the last train to reality
that ship must of docked at another port
unloaded all the treasures that should have been mine
looking at the dark water now—no reflection 
swear I can hear the eerie sound of an ocarina playing 
tired of waiting for the fleet it ain’t gonna show
too many captains and the ship ends up in the mountains 
maybe I can find a rundown pierside bar
are there any other kinds?
drown my sorrows sos 
dreams have sunk slowly under the waves 
my ships been lost in the mountains