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February 25, 2020

My Old Bedroom

parents finally got around to remodeling my old room
the one in the basement of the basement 
the one with the kick-in window and gain access to the house off the driveway 
made me kind of sad to see
that brown paneling and red carpet part of me
couple of chairs and an old couch for my friends to use
when they came over to visit but they never did
now just a pile of don’t want no more debris
hope they didn’t find anything unexpected 
I think I got rid of anything embarrassing when I moved out
just left stuff I couldn’t take with me
a big reel to reel tape recorder machine with bad singing on it
a 19” Quasar (by Motorola) tv that was obsolete when I bought it
an old brown desk for studying homework
over varnished and underused 
a few trophies from after work bowling (Hi-Average 211) ,
beer league hockey, corporate outing golf
other assorted dust collectors through the process of osmosis
now going to the trash collector
there expanding the area for entertaining 
highballs and oldies music playing no doubt
I don’t wish I was there--not now anyway
but it wouldn’t be bad for a day or two
to be sixteen again coming home after school
closing the heavy wooden door and disappearing into a fantasy world
where I thought my silly dreams were still possible