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February 23, 2020

Colorado Escape

mountains out the back door that touch the sky
shades of white, shades of gray
pebbles, rocks, boulders, stones
they yell escape to me all the time make a run for it
the evergreens way up high wave to me
c’mon boy what you waiting for
you know you’re going crazy down there
and you wanna get away from life down there
away from traffic choked streets
cars, buses, trucks, bicycles
people in your face wherever you turn
I wanna run off to you but I gotta be real
I’m no survivalist--no pair of hiking boots or fur parka in my closet
I wouldn’t last three days up there
where winter goes a long time
they’d find me frozen to death
wrapped up in some hospital grade thin blanket
they say it’s not so bad, just like going to sleep
it’s a nice dream but it ain’t no reality
the call of the wild just don’t have my phone number
but my body’s down here--my mind’s up with you
me me me am free free free
like the eagle, hawk, or condor
or some such thing I see gliding in the sky by you
the clouds drifting by the snow falling
every snowflake lands in the perfect resting place