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February 2, 2020

Friday Night Bar Hopping

friday night is the lingerie show at Kenny’s Bar
hang out there for a while
not victoria’s secret but I don’t know any secrets
over to Plantation Station to hear the band my buddy’s in
they’re pretty good but it should be me up there
but it’s not so that’s that
a snowshoe or two or three
and I’m feeling fiiiiine
then over to Four Aces
with its ancient mahogany bar and glass top
not seeing too straight right about now
feed the jukebox, play some pool
make plans that will never happen
put the make on girls with intentions
that will never happen
on the way home, one hand over one eye
so I’m not seeing double
just keep it clean and get it home
fall into bed head spinning
cool early morning air seeping through the open window
these are the good old days