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January 30, 2020

Good Times Bad Times Early Times

a shot in the dark recesses
a shot in the light fantasia
a shot of whiskey my good friend
a shot of vodka tonight takes me back
to drinking at work years ago
to make it through the ten hour shift
all of a sudden it didn’t seem so bad
shots of smirnoff between customers
and between the racks in back of the counter
sorta forget about the lousy pay
and workin’ all goddamned day
made me smile for a little while
hey we could use this stuff for our cars
so the car parts kinda disappeared
damn customers stealing again we told the manager
sometimes hit the strip clubs after we closed
stupid guys spending a fortune in there
I should have enjoyed it
but I felt sorry for the women dancing
but they were making a lot more money than I was
so I should have felt sorry for myself