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January 26, 2020

Looking Forward To It

I can’t wait until I can retire
from this sweep the floors everyday job
the one that pays so much (rolls eyes)
deadens the mind and spirit
if we could cut down on the liquor and just save up a little
we can travel the country on our bikes
motorcycle outlaws wind in our hair
open road without a care
or buy a custom van and camp out
at the campgrounds see the USA in our chevrolet astro
or park at the all night Wal-Mart sometimes
we just need some money to make it happen
let’s have dinner together and then
sit by the fire popping corn and acorns
don’t know how many years we got left
so we better live out the rest right
don’t you see the dawn coming
new day new life new beginning
but after the way today went
I gotta stop at the liquor store and get a bottle