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January 23, 2020

Here's The Deal

just do the right thing and you’ll be alright
the right thing ain’t that hard to do
you can be humble and still be one with the universe
everything can be cool
say what you gotta say, then just sit back and be quiet
downpours don’t last all day
calm is the master of anxiety don’t you know 
the universe is gonna have the last say anyway
a good traveler is all about the journey, not just the destination my friend
enjoy the ride--it’ll come to a stop sooner than you think
sometimes you need to use the yin--and sometimes the yang
you just need to know when you’re on the brink
when to use what when
a good craftsman never blames his tools
use the right tool for the job
leave the guessing for the fools
measure twice, cut once
I’m gonna clue you in, here’s the deal
try to change what is natural and you’ll get crushed
the violet under the proverbial heel