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October 27, 2019

Going To A Football Game

mid-autumn afternoon after school
fall shadows chill in the crisp air
raggy chicago bears sweatshirt on
walking to my friends house down the alley
past the mean black dog teeth showing
hope the old rickety fence holds up
now at his house shoot some hoops
throw the football around
talk about the notre dame football game
his dad’s taking us to on Saturday
playing northwestern--shouldn’t be much of a game
but I haven’t been before so I’m excited
his gray haired old man has season tickets
stop to look at the girls walking home from school
is that Jackie? she’s hot--that’s that Sharon girl with her isn’t it?
seems kinda pointless in retrospect
neither one of us had anything going on in that respect
530 now, head home for dinner
past the big black dog no friendlier
maybe he’s mad he’s not going to the game too