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August 18, 2019

52 Jokers

got a card reading from a deck with 52 jokers
my whole life has been just a joke
that I’ve never been in on
odd man out, third wheel, third man in, third man out, always the third man 
heliotrope bouquet on an old upright piano from another time
dematerialization, decomposing, declassified
skin and bones, skull and crossbones
sticks and stones have broken these bones
clothes hanging on those bones
raggedy clothes hanging on by a thread
throwing those bones and seeing what lies ahead
dark corners of bars and apartments
where the buffalo like me roam the golden landscape
glancing at the watch i don’t have no more
and looking up at the storm blowing into town
rock bottom geologist with a major in sharp stones
thrown at glass houses long since unoccupied
mountains reaching towards the blue-gray sky
negatives hanging from the ceiling
nobody wants to see those kind of pictures anymore
sun bleached abstract forms in black and white
dead images of dead people dead wrong or dead right
they are dead D - E - A - D all the same