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July 14, 2019

Old Man's Voice

I hope I never get it
that old man’s rasp
you know RA-RA-ROWL
or the sandpaper grunt as he collapses into a chair
you can tell a guy who’s getting old 
just by his voice 
his memory might still be good 
but the voice gives it away
he starts to lose his credibility
with the younger people 
that he’s still in touch 
some younger people might sound like that...
but that’s from all the cigarettes they smoked
chain smoking somewhere in the universe
or the old dive bars or casinos they spent too much time in 
or late nights in a club
trying to sing/yell over the band
if a younger woman sounds like that
she usually gets described as having a sultry voice
the easiest way to avoid an old man’s voice
is to die young 
then you don’t have to worry about it