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July 12, 2019


in the darkness of a full moon
dark shadows Barnabas Collins you old bastard
a spark in the dark with Amy in the park
a shot in the dark
darkness on the edge of town
coming out of the dark 
a dark haired beauty with big dark eyes
dark in the bark park
dark horse—tremendous long shot 
dark clouds on the horizon
always darkest before the dawn
a deep dark secret
coming to light—sometimes better kept in the dark
every dark cloud has a silver lining
sometimes that silver is lightning
pitch dark catch dark
game suspended due to darkness 
make sure you’re home before dark
fear of the dark
the old movie theater where we used to go on saturday afternoons 
watch a double feature
cookies and cakes in the lobby at intermission
has gone dark and is boarded up
these are dark days Cherie