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June 4, 2019

Garage Friends

they say it's good luck
to have a cricket in your garage
I don't know what they say about
lizards, roaches, and rats
but it's probably not good
the lizards eat the roaches
and the rats eat the lizards I guess
I had some mice in there one time
I don't know what happened to them
and when I opened the side door once a snake fell on me
it was just one of those harmless
black garden snakes
it wasn't a coral snake you know
red touch black good for jack
red touch yellow bad for fellow
or a rattlesnake or a cobra
I'm glad it wasn't a cobra
‘cause I didn't have a pungi handy
you know one of those flute like things
those snake charmers play
that snake was probably more scared than I was
and I more drunk than he