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June 6, 2019

Car Guy

I liked the artiness of cars
moving Monet’s, Cezanne’s in motion
from the 50’s 60’s 70’s
style like from the pages of Glamour magazine
lines like a nice suit, although I’ve never had one or wanted one
colors like dolphin blue, coral, british racing green
arena red, inka orange, sky blue
anything metallic or two tone
and what the hell happened to whitewalls?
just like four wheeled paintings that drove off the canvas
i’ve never been a car guy
don’t know a camshaft from a differential
never wanted to work on them
didn’t care about horsepower or performance
i’ve had some good times in cars though
my ‘66 chevy, my ‘64 mustang
my old black cadillac that was junky chic
but I just had to have a cadillac before I died
my chevy van hehe
never like driving though, I’ll ride shotgun
and look at he city lights reflecting on the ocean
looking through the moonroof and watching the twinkle
of the stars who are undoubtedly jealous