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May 30, 2019


Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Canadian National Railway
Soo Line, Pennsylvania Railroad
Union Pacific, Illinois Central, South Shore
I seen ‘em all in my day
right coast to the left coast
reverse when I wanted to see the White Mountains again
wooden ties have always been my fashion
kick some rocks down my best friend road
I always walked alone when I had to clear my head
of teenage trauma real and imagined
snow piles on the side of the cracked asphalt
or crunchy leaves of red and orange
or wet muted leaves already forgotten by their parents
in late October’s gloomy mist
I’ll visit that young girl now old in Brattleboro
for I am old too
have some coffee at that cafe
called Moon something or whatever
if it’s even still there
we’ll talk about the old times
the old friends, the old faces
now laying in St. Michael’s or Morningside cemetery
maybe peruse the thrift shop by the church
maybe I’ll find an old book on the Tsar and his family
I left to see the world on my own terms
I saw beautiful things
I saw a lot of ugliness
she saw the world from Main Street
I think she had the better view