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March 9, 2019

Ships and Planes


People who are desperate or anxious jump into relationships
sometimes sprain an ankle or get on the wrong ship entirely
and sometimes it's hard as hell to get off…
not me, I stay away from those rat infested docks, dubious ports and seedy warehouses…
two ships passing in the night are far better./././
leave each other alone and there won’t be so many shipwrecks a.k.a./ bad relationships…
these kind of ships wind up on the rocks or aground on a sandbar and their stuck there…
I have an intense love affair going on with chocolate bars
Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches, cheap vodka and schnapps
I've never been happier in my life


Blue and red bird flying at 33k
take me with into the silver and gray
away away
east or west I don’t care chum
I don’t
wherever you’re going
I’m your passenger
into the stratosphere ionosphere
on a sea of off white foam
and 20 foot invisible waves
around the curve of the earth
banking off the sunbeams
ricocheting off the milky white
don’t touch down
just keep on going
going home going alone
going home alone
alone not to moan

just to rest in peace