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January 12, 2019

Hunting Down The Old Nazis

I just watched a program on hunting down Nazi’s...Netflix streaming can be really good with some of the shows they make available, but honestly most of their stuff is junk made by others or made by Netflix itself since it decided to get away from what it started off being and start doing their own shows or just mailing out DVD’s to customers...but this show was the time of the program, these old guys who were wanted were all in their 90’s...they had slipped into quiet existence in small anonymous towns and villages with names I can’t pronounce in Chile Argentina Hungary...even the Untied States...which quietly employed some ex-Nazi’s to ostensibly fight communism, Klaus Barbie ring a bell? guy had worked in a car plant for many years...some had changed their names and quietly lived their lives...some in little nondescript apartments where they hid away...they were accused of being complicit in the murders of many people and some of them were being hauled to courts wayoffsomewhere to stand trial...some had even gone to trial and were convicted even though there wasn’t anybody else around from when they supposedly committed these crimes...must of been based on circumstantial no doubt some of these guys were ‘bad hombres’ as said by somebody infamous and did some pretty horrible things but some of these guys were probably victims of circumstance... but even if they got life imprisonment, how much longer were they going to live anyway?...they were probably tired of worrying about rent payments and cooking for themselves, and healthcare and all that fun stuff you get to worry about when you get they were being ‘brought to justice’ by morally pure people who were born forty or fifty years after the deeds had been done...or hadn’t depending on your POV...there’s a lot of people who say that these ‘criminals’ should have spoke up and refused to do what they were commanded to do...easy for someone sitting on a sofa quaffing a beer to make a moral stand...if you didn’t do what you were told, you were shot or sent to an unpleasant place--like say the Russian front...where most likely you wouldn’t be coming back from...the old line is “I was only following orders”...well, put yourself in some of the boots of the German followed orders or else...perform your duties, keep your post or be running around someplace like Stalingrad dodging bullets from snipers or face a firing squad...what choice would you make?...again, easy for today’s snowflakes to take a stand when you’re laying on your ass binge watching Netflix...I wonder if some of these crusaders were more interested in making a name for themselves and enhancing their reputations...others clearly thought they were doing the right thing...Germany has an interesting law that says family members don’t have to give information to authorities if a family member is wanted...this show was probably five or eight years old, so I’m thinking all the old guys are dead now and the Nazi hunters are all out of thing I noticed during the show is that all these guys seemed to drink a lot--whiskey, beer, whatever...maybe that’s one reason why they lived so long after the war…I guess that figures since Germany is somewhat known for drinking and having been there myself, I can attest to that and I partook in some of that activity myself.