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November 29, 2018

Walking On The Moon (So They Say)

Moon Rock or Las Vegas Rock?
So they say man has walked on the moon...several men supposedly...millions, billions of miles away from the third stone from the sun...millions and billions of dollars and to what end?... to bring back some rocks that don’t look much different than the ones I found in Las Vegas after a tough night at the casino and I was walking to the Vdara Hotel near the fact, the Vegas rocks look better...anyway...some people say nobody has actually walked on the moon...giant steps are what you take if you believe that and many do...that it was just a hoax that took place in some tv or movie studio...something about the flag not moving right, no stars, shadows that went in opposite directions...and what proof did they bring back that they were actually there?...some that looked like Las Vegas rocks but not as pretty...I saw them at the Kennedy Space Center the one time I got dragged there...never was into that space got to touch the rocks! and guess what?...they felt like rocks...not much of a return on investment or ROI as the wall streeters would say...or substantial all that just to get some rocks and do some worthless experiments...and we haven’t gone back in years, so that shows how relevant that was...oh yeah, and one guy hit a golf ball...if the moon was made of cheese, I’d like it to be mozzarella...or mexican blend...or what if there was a man in the moon?...what kind of man would it be?...would he be cool?...I think he would...wouldn’t it be awesome to be THEE man in the moon?...I mean, you could hide away for a week or so at a time...crossing the AM THE MAN! I AM THE MOON!...I’d be a blue moon, a blood moon, a harvest moon...or maybe nobody was ever there in the first place...some of these conspiracies are kind of way out there, but anything with the government has to be suspect...I mean do you really believe all the stuff the government tells you?...that would be really dumb...yeah, like they’re always gonna be 100% honest with us...can you believe a group like NASA?...all those transmissions, conversations, digressions, telemetry...that could have all been faked...some of the reasons why this could have been faked...NASA trying to one-up the Soviet space program after getting embarrassed by Sputnik years before...that Sputnik sure was could actually see it during parts of the day going around and round and round the little old Earth which goes around and around and around the big old sun...also JFK put pressure on the U.S. program to perform when he mentioned sending a man to the moon and having him return home safely back in 1961...maybe the government was getting tired of putting all this coin into the space program and getting back next to nothing...Voila!...all of a sudden a man goes to the moon to keep that funding alive...not to mention that some claim the fake moon landing was to take the focus off the extremely unpopular Vietnam war that was going on at the time...a diversion so to speak, landing on the moon would whip up some good old pro-government fervor...Yay, Yay, U.S.A....three cheers for the red, white, and blue...for every argument that’s been made that it was fake, another argument comes up from the people who say it was real...argument after argument after argument...facts, facts, facts, facts,...some people even think we got to the moon, but the footage on the moon was faked...well, if it was faked, it didn’t win any Emmys or Oscars...but of course that would be admitting it was all a hoax...the work of charlatans...well, the future if there is one in the skies above, there ain’t no future you start with a moon and moon and move on out so far away that nobody can prove anything one way or another...and fifty years later, how many people live in space?...a few on a space station and that’s what was the point?...if it was real, it was a colossal waste of time and money...even worse, if it was all fake, think of the money wasted on promoting a fake upon the gullible general that could have been spent making the Earth a better place to live although that might not have worked either.