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November 27, 2018


Conspiracies...there seems to be a conspiracy about just about everything...chemtrails seem to be a popular one lately...some kind of toxic substance supposedly being spewed over the heads of people...a few aviation theories like the recent disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, Korean Air Lines Flight 007...shot down by Russian jet fighters in 1983...theories abound about secret espionage missions to some kind of governmental cover-up...another Malaysian Airlines flight, this one MH17, a plane shot down in the Ukraine...maybe by Ukrainian rebels, or Russians…some have even claimed it was really Flight MH370...the crash of TWA Flight 800...exploding in the sky over the Atlantic Ocean after leaving New York City...ruptured fuel tank as ‘found’ by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), or shot down by a missile, perhaps fired by a U.S. Navy ship?...witnesses saw something headed up towards the plane...they couldn’t all be wrong could they?...Area 51 for the extraterrestrial buffs...UFO spacecraft and alien bodies...and it makes you wonder when signs say -Restricted Access/No Photography/Use of Deadly Force Authorized- …’False Flag Operations’...that is some atrocity committed by one group so as to blame others for the example being the Nazis who blamed the Communists for the burning of the Reichstag in 1933, when most believe it was actually the Nazis who started the blaze...this allowed the Nazis to ban all political parties for the good of ???...various theories about 9/11 and who was really behind it...the United States, Saudi Arabia???...medically, the suppression of drugs that can cure various diseases, or alternate medicinal cures...supposedly suppressed by the drug companies who want you to be sick so they can peddle their drugs and have no interest in people actually being warming...both sides blaming each other for falsifying claims, yet the temperature of the earth continues to rise, glaciers melting...sports-wise, the NBA is famous for ‘conspiracies’ such as games miraculously being won or lost...a draft pick that went to a certain team because one of the envelopes was cold and tipped off the commissioner as to which one to pick...of course the death of JFK which has spawned many theories as to who was behind it...the KGB? Castro? the mafia?...was their one shooter or more?...Oswald said to be a ‘poor shot’ could he be that accurate then when he fired his rifle from that window?...the murder of Oswald by Jack keep him quiet about a conspiracy?...other stories about confiscated videos and crucial information being ‘lost’...other deaths like Martin Luther King Jr.,was the mafia behind his death, or was the government involved because they considered him a troublemaker?...Paul McCartney has been the rumour of being dead for many years and some people claim that a substitute has been used for him ever since...what about Hitler?...some say he escaped and the bones found by that Berlin bunker aren’t really his and a massive coverup existed...perhaps he was in a remote village in Argentina with other Nazis for many years...something as innocuous as ‘New Coke’ which caused a great demand for the original formula and drove up sales once it returned...and many, many more...some are believable, some seem plausible, while others seem ridiculous, but who knows for sure?