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August 17, 2018

Rust In Peace

I got a couple of old friends resting in peace or I should say rusting in peace in the of them is an old ‘69 MG least I think it’s a ‘69...that’s what I was told when I bought it...I don’t know much about cars...I thought it looked cool though and so I really didn’t care what year it was...the other is a ‘67 VW bus...neither one runs or has much of an interior left and they didn’t run when I bought them...I just thought it would be cool to own them...didn’t cost me much...I borrowed a friend’s trailer and brought them over to my place...I rolled them off the trailer into the backyard and they’ve sat there ever since...I don’t have any plans of trying to fix the vehicles up and get them working...hell, I have no idea of what I’m doing when it comes to that stuff...I just let them sit and chill on my backyard grass and look up at the sky and daydream like I do sometimes...some days, I just like to sit and look out the window at them and wonder about them...I wish they could talk and tell me where they’ve been, what road trip adventures they’d been on...sometimes I even pretend I used to drive them...I make up stories like the times when I used to take the bus out on the road when I was young and carefree...picking up women along the way and giving them a ride...spending a couple of weeks out in California...maybe heading over to Arizona...the Grand Canyon...or if I didn’t feel like driving that far, I’d just go to one of the local campgrounds for the weekend...park the bus and make a fire out of some big logs...we used to call them ‘all day smokers’...people would walk buy and I’d say, “Hey, you want a beer”...and they’d come over and sit down for get to meet some interesting people that way...the VW bus was a cool thing for a while...then people got older and started buying those big, silver Airstreams and trying to outdo each stopped being fun, so I just parked it in the backyard and let it go...foreign parts are a wallet’s arch enemy...the little MG, god I loved that car...zipping around the country roads with the top spring, summer, in fall...I used to pretend I was in England motoring around...people would always look when I went by...they were like those cars that you saw on that old British TV show ‘The Avengers’...motoring around those English rural lanes...I thought about getting one of those British hats...I don’t know what they’re called...and a pair of those driving gloves...and then cruising down Carnaby Street in London...then the company that made MG’s went under I was too hard to get parts for anymore, so after I had some engine trouble, I just parked it in the back next to the VW bus and let ‘em sit...that’s what I like to think back to reality, I don’t know why they got an attraction for me...I mow around them....sometimes I get inside and just sit there for hours...the MG’s windshield has got a crack in it now...I don’t know what from...old age I guess...I keep waiting for one of the hurricanes to come buy and tip the big tree over next to them and smash them...if that happens, I’ll probably take them to the crusher and buy a couple of more rollers...then on rainy Saturday afternoons, I can make up some more stories about them to pass the time away...if you don’t have such good memories of the old days, you can always make some up to make you feel good.