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June 30, 2018


So just where did the term R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) come from?...its roots can be traced to several religions where rest in peace meant to rest in the peace of a church of some sort…the term indicated that the person died and now they lay in the peace of the Church, that is, united in Christ...such, they could be at became pretty damn ubiquitous on headstones in the 18th could find them everywhere...and it is widely used today when mentioning someone's death...people will often say or write R.I.P. when mentioning a recent death...but is there a paranormal definition of this phrase?...for those that believe in the spirit world, we’d like to think that all spirits rest in peace after leaving this world, however not all who leave this world due so under pleasant circumstances...therefore, there may be troubled spirits...those that are restless...due to some unfortunate events in their lives...or some unfortunate event that ended their life...these spirits may not rest so fact, they may make themselves known to people who still inhabit this existence...they’re not going to go away so could be in the form of an ordinary ghost that is seen ‘haunting’ a place where they are could be in the form of a poltergeist that angrily makes its presence felt to those around…’throwing’ furniture and slamming doors...these disturbed spirits do not rest in least until something occurs that puts them at ease...sometimes that might include some revenge against those who were responsible...we could use some L.I.P… that is living in peace...why the hell do we have to die to get some peace?...maybe that’s because when we’re alive, our minds don’t let us have any...we’re always thinking of crap that don’t let us get any know what they say, you don’t find peace in the only find it within...hard to do when you’re alive and dealing with all the day to day garbage we have to put up with...but it is possible to get some semblance of peace with the help of meditation and relaxation techniques...of course when we’re dead, we’re not thinking anymore and voila...we have peace...the permanent kind...unless of course we suffered an ignominious end...then we may have a few deeds left to do before we can rest.