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June 28, 2018

Happiness Or Some Such Thing

What is true happiness?...hell if I know but as a child, we’re usually happy with some candy, a puppy, or a new toy...things that are relatively simple...when we get older, our definition of happiness changes, at least for some...I mean I still get happy over some candy, a puppy, or a new toy...other kinds of toys I like now are a bottle of vodka, whiskey, or some of their relatives...I’m not too fancy, I’m easy to please...when you’re young, you might be unhappy if you’re not in with the ‘in crowd’, whoever the hell that is...I never wanted to be...I hate crowds…’in’ or ‘out’...the problem with crowds is that there’s just too many people in them...some get miserable if they fail to get the object of their hearts’ desire to go out on a date with them...later they pin their happiness on what kind of job they’s hard to find the right job...I was piss poor at it, but I was proficient at finding the wrong jobs...they want to be living in a nice house, or driving a fancy car...what makes one person happy may not make another one the same...there are some people who could get a car made out of gold, and they would bitch about the color...I had a friend who matched five numbers in a state lottery and won a few thousand dollars...I was happy for him...he dismissed it and whined about why he couldn’t have gotten the sixth number and won millions...I don’t see where it made much would have just taken a little longer for him to blow through what he believes he has a right to be happy, but does he?...he does a lot of stupid crap to sabotage himself so what the hell does he expect?...certainly on a planet with billions of people, it is not realistic to think that we can all be happy...if you think about it, we have got no rights at all...rights are something that was granted by a people, or a government...and they can be taken away just as quick are not born with any rights so why do we think that we are entitled to be happy?...the rules of life, if there are any, and I doubt that, I’m sure don’t say anything about where we as lowly humans should be happy...the problem with the ‘pursuit of happiness’ is that it’s always a pursuit...I’ve always found that pursuit of happiness line to be a dubious remark...happiness is a fugitive that can’t be caught...even when it gets captured for a little while, it often goes over the wall and on the lam...he hides in bars that you never heard of...downing shots on your credit card...or steals away in a motel on the side of town that you don’t wanna go into...he’s pretty clever...he changes his look every now and then just to mess you think you got a line on him and he’s can put out all the wanted posters you want and it wouldn’t do you any good...and I have some friends who are familiar with wanted a monk once supposedly said that it was happiness to know that there was no such thing as happiness..I don’t know if you can ever be happy, but you can be content...content with what you got and thankful for what you don’t can’t buy it, but you can rent it for a while as the saying goes...we want it to be everlasting but it just ain’t so...humans aren’t wired that way...we want it to be the latest thing we’s not that does not come conveniently pre-packaged at the local convenience store where you buy your Everclear.