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June 20, 2018

I'm No Judge

They say we shouldn’t judge people, but who doesn’t?...hey, we ain’t monks, and I bet they do too...sometimes people hang out just to people the park, at the mall, at the bar...we judge people on how they dress, how they look, maybe how they talk, or how they don’t...we got the black robe and the powdered wig on and the gavel in our hand...and we are ready to pass sentence on the accused...a nice change of’s not fair maybe, but it is what it is...we jump to conclusions about people we really have no real idea about, but it’s kind of fun to do...and sometimes it’s better not to know too much about might be in for a major letdown...some of my biggest heroes went to biggest zeroes when I actually met them and found out what kind of people they were in person...some look up to the rich and famous and judge them as being successful and a model for others, having no idea how these people may have gotten to where they are...some titans of industry climbed on the backs of the real workers to get where they got...we see a homeless man standing on the corner holding a sign asking for help, and we might look down on them...some idiots actually throw stuff at them...maybe we should look up to them...they aren’t holding some crappy 9 to 5 job they can’t see a guy in the $1500 suit, and the man in torn jeans and a dirty t-shirt...there is no way to tell who would turn on you, and who would be there for support...who’d have your back in a back alley fight?...who’d be there for you? can’t tell a book by its cover right?...I don’t have much experience with books but I’ve had the considerable misfortune of working in retail, and I’ll tell you, the nicest people to wait on were the bikers, and the kind that looked like they’d cut your throat for a dollar...on the other hand, the psychos normally were the most ‘normal’ looking who would go ballistic when they didn’t get their there’s that...there’s been bottles of alcohol with a great looking label that I tasted and wouldn’t give to an enemy; and there’s some cheap junk I bought or somebody gave to me because they didn’t want it...that kicked my ass and tasted pretty good just never know...appearances can be deceiving in case you didn’t know that already...five star restaurants or two star...the food’s usually better at the two star place...real food...I’ve gotten the best sleep in my life at places that were sketchy...cracked windows, peeling paint, sheets that didn’t fit the bed...shady characters hanging around the place...big rigs pulling in in the middle of the night crunching rocks under their tires...and waking you up in the morning...didn’t matter...sometimes the world is upside not sometimes, most of the time...the best looking women that you chase all over often turn out to be the nastiest or most disappointing...and the ones that ain’t exactly Miss America are the ones with a good heart...there the ones you go home with at 3 a.m. when you know for sure that Miss America just ain’t going to be walking through the door that night...the ones that clean up after you, and forgive you for coming in at 4 a.m. when you said you’d be hope at 10...the ones that cook and take care of things while you’re out fucking around still looking for Miss America.