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June 18, 2018

Haunted Houses

A haunted house is a house or can be some other type of building that is believed to be inhabited by disembodied spirits of the dead...these spirits are often former residents of the house, or were familiar with the property...there presence and haunting may be due to tragic circumstances as an accidental death, or perhaps a suicide...other times they are the result of a violent event that happened previously in the house or building...skeptics point out that scientific explanations for the perception that a house is haunted point to the misinterpretation of noises that naturally occur and are present in old structures...there are theories about suggestibility being a cause, and even hallucinations that might be caused by certain substances in the air...according to many ‘experts’,  odd or creaking sounds, and even cold spots are often present in any home... especially in older ones, and that these noises and bumps in the night can easily be mistaken...perhaps for footsteps in a hallway, or a banging sound which could even be a loose shutter in the wind...others meanwhile have reasoned that the perception of a ghost, or a cold spot in the house, and ghostly touches are triggered by variations in what are naturally occurring or man-made magnetic fields, nonetheless, some houses sit empty for years due to their ‘haunted’ reputation...but maybe the experts are right...yes maybe...or maybe there really are hauntings.