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May 27, 2018

Life Is The Mother of Death

Life is the mother of death, without life, there can be no death and we all got mothers...without death, life just keeps going on and on...with little or no point...the line between life and death is just a moment, a mere breath...and then the change takes place...what was once vibrant is now dormant...not to be heard from again...there are people who know that because they are alive, they know that death awaits them...they have made peace with rational person wants to die of course, but knowing that death awaits and feeling at peace with it is invaluable...those who cling to life and fear death die a thousand deaths before the real thing...before we die, we do not know that death may not bring the greatest joy...we just don’t know...everything ever written is just speculation, guesswork, or done so in trying to convince someone how they should live...we should not be telling people how to live for let them live for themselves...death touches one can escape it...Life and death are on the same thread, we often think of them as being separate, but they are leads to another, and perhaps another, and so on...nobody knows for sure...and I sure hope I die at home and not in some public place with a bunch of strange strangers staring at it would terrible to die at work...what a place to spend your last moments on earth...or at a mall...death should be a private time, devoid of prying eyes...and I don’t care if I die alone...I don’t want some well-meaning dolt holding my hand and telling me it’s okay...just leave me alone and let me die in peace...we sure don’t get much of it in life.