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May 25, 2018

Getting Lost (and it's ok)

I think that we should get lost every day...when I say lost, I mean immersed...totally immersed in something, lost to the world...insulated from the outside can be in a variety of things...lose yourself in some fine music, nature, movies, dance yourself into a frenzy, spend the better part of the day in meditation or’s my opinion we aren’t going to miss much, and that which we miss might actually be good for we really have to know things before we start our day like the news commercials tell us?...what if we went a day or two or longer without hearing all the craziness that is going on in the world?...not listening to all the noise that society throws at us day after day...we might be blissfully ignorant, but at least we’d be blissful...there are enough people out there who are knee deep in the hoopla and enough that want to ‘make a difference’ that they aren’t going to miss us...we can take care of our mind and keep it from being buffered about by all the insanity...maybe that’s why some people are so interested in the’s a welcome diversion and relief of what a chore modern day life has become for many…get out of the oppressive heat and come into a place where it’s cool and dark and quiet... and your own little personal corner of the universe.