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May 11, 2018

Flight 592 and The Ghosts

May 11th, the anniversary of ValuJet flight 592’s crash into the Everglades in South Florida…the terrible crash took the lives of all 110 people that were on board...almost all were killed by the sheer impact of the airplane hitting the ground...the plane had taken off from Miami, but then suffered a fire aboard...which came from improperly loaded cargo...Flight 592 had disappeared from radar at almost 2:14 p.m...those who witnessed the crash report the plane banking sharply and then rolling onto its side...then it nosedived directly into the Everglades...which is located just a few miles west of Miami...the plane hit the ground going over 500 miles per hour...recovery of pieces from the aircraft and victims was complicated by the location of the crash...the nearest road to the crash site was more than a quarter mile from where the plane went down...the plane crashed into a deep-water swamp...the aircraft was almost completely destroyed on impact which left no large pieces of the fuselage remaining...the natural environment, crocodiles and alligators, and the risk of severe bacterial infection from any cuts plagued the searchers who were involved in the recovery effort...little in the way of human remains were found...mostly because of the force that the plane hit the ground, and wildlife that scavenged the has been said that the ghosts of the dead flight crew have been reported as being seen on other flights...the crash of this plane took place in Florida’s Everglades and the ghosts of the flight crew are said to sometimes be seen on planes that take that route.