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May 13, 2018

A Psychosis Of The Mystical Kind

Mystical Psychosis...the term itself brings to mind a feeling of bizarreness...Mystical psychosis is a term that is used to characterize first-person accounts of rather strange experiences that are quite similar to reports of mystical experiences given by people…the ‘psychosis’ term, well that gets thrown in there by some to mean that such experiences just aren’t possible unless someone is having some sort of a psychotic episode…it’s true that some people in a psychotic state might give indications that they are ‘mystical’ but this is usually not the case and the term mystical psychosis may very well be true...a.k.a. the person who goes around claiming to be ‘God’ but of course isn’t…in a recent case, a young woman who was said to be on drugs, clawed her eyeballs out of her head in the belief that she would become closer to, she is blind for the rest of her life...a victim of a drug induced psychosis...but there are episodes where a rather ordinary person may experience a mystical episode where they are engulfed in ‘spirituality’ and a closeness to the source…these events may not be sought out at all but come to a person quite unexpected…they may see images that overwhelm their senses...sometimes these images are religious in nature or it can be totally un-religious…visions, voices, an ability to contact the dead, and telepathy have all said to have occurred during these ‘episodes’ as they’re called by some...or it could be something as simple as joy or an intense state of ecstasy have been reported…the subject will later calm down and usually be serene...stating that they felt a oneness with the universe...and that this feeling of oneness brought them a sense of though they could figuratively, reach out and touch God (if they are of the religious bent) and that somehow they have reached a spiritual wavelength that they believe connected them with God in some cosmic way…some scoff at this whole notion or rhapsody, but such a thing does mystics know.