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April 3, 2018

Winchester Mystery House

Do you know the way to San Jose?...or more specifically 525 South Winchester Boulevard...there you will find the infamous Winchester Mystery House, once owned by and lived in by Sarah Winchester who was heir to the Winchester fortune (her husband had died from tuberculosis)...Winchester was a guns and arms company, and it is said that the house is occupied by ghosts...ghosts of people who lost their lives due to Winchester weapons and ammunition...many occurring during the American civil war, that took place between 1861 and is said from 1884 until 1922, work never stopped on the mansion...more rooms constantly being built...but why? story goes that a medium advised the troubled Mrs. Winchester to build and keep building a give the spirits a place where they could had been seven stories high but after the 1906 earthquake, it was and is now at four stories...there are about 160 rooms, many with architecture peculiarities...but even as late as just two years ago, another room was that contained a pump organ, a couch, and several paintings...among other things...there was quite a fascination with the number 13...there are a number of 13 things in the house...a chandelier that has 13 candles instead of the usual 12...the drains in the sinks have 13 holes, and so is now owned by Winchester Investments and can be full of noisy, prying tourists...not exactly a place where spirits can be at peace...a movie was recently made about the house, but I haven’t seen it yet.