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February 28, 2018

The Power of Dreams

A dream is often defined as a succession of various images, emotions, and other types of sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind...this occurs during certain stages of sleep...what exactly is the purpose of a dream?...the purpose is not understood although the reason why we have them has been bandied about for centuries...some people try to interpret dreams and be able to draw some kind of meaning from other words, they try to find some kind of message in the dream itself...this is more of an interpretation than anything that contains hard fact...some feel that that dreams reveal insight into hidden desires and emotions, although depending on the dream itself, that is debatable...many dreams are so disjointed and bizarre that no meaning could possibly be drawn from them...dreams are practically always random and we have no control over them...whereas daydreaming involved actually having control of what we are ‘dreaming’’ll sometimes hear someone say that they’ve always dreamed of doing something...well, not really...they daydreamed about it, they almost certainly didn’t actually dream about it...or at least in a realistic form...unless it was some form of lucid dreaming, which I have written about before...daydreaming is seen by experts as positive and negative...the positive being that it can inspire creativity among the artistic type such as moi, and it can be a short term detachment from real life...the negative being it can be a long term detachment from real life and can result in ennui with the real world and while daydreaming of pleasantness, it can lead to depression and unhappiness.