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February 26, 2018

Fire Walking

For many years, many have considered fire walking to be a mystical thing, surely only able to be accomplished by true masters…those that could walk over hot coals must certainly have tremendous mind power to avoid feeling the heat from the hot embers that they traipsed over…how could they possibly endure the searing heat?...well, it turns out there are a few trade secrets that are used to make this possible…after all, most fire-walks occur on coals that measure about 1,000 °F (538 °C) there must be a way of doing it without being horribly burned…and there is…a special type of wood is used…one that has a low heat capacity…thus, the coals or the embers of the wood also have a low heat capacity…there is then a 20 minute or so wait to allow gray ash to build up and any remaining moisture to dry…this also acts as an insulator…sweat produced on the bottom of people's feet also helps form a protective water vapor…if moving quickly enough and not dawdling, it then becomes possible to walk across hot coals without getting burnt…unfortunately mistakes are sometimes made…such as the wrong wood being used, and this has resulted in painful injuries to those who tried the fire walk...there has been a recent occurrence of this happening...not long ago, over 40 people were burned when unfortunate mistakes were made during a motivational seminar and some people got a prolonged hot foot.