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December 18, 2017


A vision is when something is seen in a dreamlike state, or a trance of some kind that comes over a person, or perhaps in a state of religious ecstasy, especially  when it includes a supernatural appearance that usually conveys some sort of revelation to the one having the vision…often, it will suddenly ‘come over’ a person…it is said that visions generally have more clarity than dreams, and are recalled quite vividly in some cases...visions are known to emerge from spiritual traditions and that is was possible that they could provide insight into human nature, reality, and the future…often times visions are closely aligned with prophecy…some believe visions are strictly religious in nature, but that is a mistake for many people have had visions that had nothing to do with any religious influence or matter…it would also be wrong to merely dismiss visions as hallucinations as thought the person having the vision is having some sort of mental issue, for that is not usually the case…they are in many cases, ordinarily rational people who are having something more than dreams…and many of these ‘dreams’ or visions do come true…sometimes one may think they see something, but when they try to look closer, it disappears…leaving the person wondering if they saw anything at all…sometimes it’s an actual vision that is clear and appears before them, and sometimes…the person experiencing the phenomenon doesn’t even know what it is…is it something that can be developed as some claim?...I think not…I believe it to be a God given or something given ability…this subject is close to me because I have had visions…visions of good and visions of bad…visions that I told my friends about and that came true shortly thereafter…I cannot explain these visions either…they were either odd feelings that came over me, actual visions of something occurring, or remembering a vision that I didn’t remember ever having…they are sporadic, uncontrollable, and most mysterious.