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November 16, 2017

Restless Spirits Among The Living

Restless spirits are those among the living that drift from place to place…what exactly are they looking for?...sometimes maybe they don’t even know…these spirits can’t be in one place too long…they are wanderers…they don’t let moss grow under their feet to use the old expression…they may not necessarily be free spirits who thrive on anarchy, but they are ones who like to do things their way, they hate meetings, schedules, and goals…except for the goal to change direction quickly like the wind…so-called ordinary life holds no interest for them…they are more focused on going, then what the destination might be…and the destination is transient anyway…when it comes to relationships, they find it difficult to settle down…restless spirits are perpetual dreamers…dreaming of new places to go, new things to do…they couldn’t be stage actors, they are like an artist who doesn’t want to paint the same picture again and again…they love to wander even though the wandering may result in actually going nowhere…they are full of boundless energy, always happening…they have trouble relating to people who are set on putting down roots…the spirit’s roots are in water…soaking up what it needs but easily transported to the next adventure.