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November 13, 2017

An Oracle

In what is termed classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency that was considered to provide wise and insightful counsel…or prophetic predictions or precognition of future events, inspired by the gods….as such it is a form of divination…divination is the attempt to gain some type of insight into a question or questions…or situation by way of an occult-like process or ritual…often in days of old, a general or leader would ask the oracle questions do determine what he should do…it has been utilized in various forms throughout the long course of history…these oracles ascertain their interpretations of how one should proceed by reading various types of signs, events, or omens…or through alleged contact with the supernatural…some methods might be looking at stones or sticks, reading cards, or what is called the spontaneous method where an oracle will simply give an answer based on their ‘feeling’…of course the scientific community scoffs as such a thing, but others do not…some call it superstition, some call it all knowing…how is divination different from fortune telling?...divination tends to have a more formal or ritualistic whereas fortune telling is practiced as a more everyday practice for personal purposes.