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November 26, 2017

Jazz and the Tao

I like jazz…piano jazz trios, or Thelonious Monk, or Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, and others…I like it mellow and cool as the hipsters say (or used to say, I’m not sure)…I’ll turn down the lights some and get a drink, and just unwind…I like to feel that I’m in a cool, dark, club somewhere, often I wish I was in the basement of my old house, it was like another world…or maybe in Chicago or New York, but it really doesn’t matter…just listening to the band and drinking down some smooth whiskey…and letting time pass unnoticed, letting the crazy world go by…I don’t like jazz or classical music for that matter when the soloist is trying to see how many notes they can play in four bars…that kind of stuff gets on my nerves…I used to just plow through it and listen but I don’t anymore…some vocals are fine, but most are just annoying…words have a way of ruining a lot of things…life is short and getting shorter by the minute…I wanna hear what I wanna hear and not some DJ, or somebody in another car blasting their choices…I wanna relax and just listen to my music…unfortunately, there’s a lot of people who like jazz that are snobs, just like there are a lot of classical music listeners who are the same…every genre of music has them…just like if you say you like a certain type of music, people automatically make assumptions about you…what do they know?...not much…someday, I’d like to learn jazz piano, or to blow a few notes on a saxophone…if you have a dream like that, you know it’s never too late…sometimes music can transport you to another place, another world…it can change your whole mood, your whole outlook…it’s kind of like the Tao…following the teachings of the Tao can change your whole outlook to and transport you to a good place.