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November 24, 2017


A crematory (which is often also known as a crematorium) is a machine in which people's bodies or in some cases, remains are burned…leaving only bones behind… the process eliminates all soft tissue…these facilities…these crematories are most likely to be located in funeral homes, but sometimes one can find them in cemeteries, chapels, or even in stand-alone facilities…a place which houses the actual crematory is referred to as a crematorium…now in the old days, outdoor pyres were used and are still used often in many places of the world today…most cremation in the so-called industrialized nations now takes place within enclosed chambers with equipped with furnaces…furnaces which are designed to maximize utilization of what is called thermal energy while minimizing the emission of smoke and odors…everything is about efficiency these days…the time it takes to end the cremation process start-to-finish is anywhere between a little over an hour to three and a half hours…some crematories used to run on timers…in fact, some still do, and the body of weight would have to be determined…calculations made… to determine how long the body had to be cremated for and the timers were set accordingly to the calculations…there are other, less ‘high-tech’ types of crematories that merely have a start and a stop function for the cremation…therefore, the end of the cremation has to be judged by the operator who in turn stops the cremation process when they think it is completed…some factors that could affect cremation time are body weight, the container that is used to place the body in, the amount of body fat compared to muscle mass, and of course…the temperature of the chamber itself.