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October 22, 2017

Secret Rooms and Passages

Expressionist looking houses or castles…hidden passageways that lead to secret rooms and exits…shadowy hallways that scream ominous…you see these things in horror films, monster films from the past…I wish my house now had such things…the house I grew up in did have secret rooms in the basement…we had an unfinished basement and when my father put up paneling and made a rec room in the main area…he left two rooms which were cleverly concealed…one was a smaller room where that was used for the storage of things that were hung up or boxed…it was always dark with only a small light…and the concrete block made for a cool and clammy atmosphere…another room was a work room that was bigger and contained the entrance to the crawl space…again, used for…storage…heh, heh, heh, heh…the crawl space led to a place underneath the back porch where you could slip out of the house…both were hidden by doors that were hidden with paneling…the doors were weighted to always close perfectly and when they were closed…you could not tell there were rooms behind them…no one ever guessed when they were being entertained in the basement that things…or people might be behind the walls…but I assure you, the only ominous thing that ever came out of there was a mannequin monster my father made for a front porch Halloween decoration…and for those of you with dark and evil looking houses…remember…if the house if filled with dread, place the beds at head to head