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September 7, 2017


Necromancy is the act of communicating with the dead, often to predict the future…this usually involves summoning their spirit which will normally form as an apparition…ritual magic or some type of occult activity is normally involved…such an activity was frequent in ancient cultures…it was thought that the practice of necromancy could help its practitioners gain a better control oved future events by talking with the spirits… there were several reasons necromancy might be used 1) sometimes the spirits were summoned out of love…a departed one might be missed terribly and the medium would act on behalf of others or even themselves to ‘communicate’ with the one in the spirit world…2) they might be called upon to give the medium ‘secret’ knowledge that supposedly only the spirits would have…or 3) they would be asked to divulge information about lost treasure perhaps…it was understood that those who were dead would have the ability in the afterlife to see all things and be able to communicate such secrets…according to folklore, spirits would be hanging around their burial place for about a year after they were buried and that made it somewhat easier for them to be contacted…after that however, the spirits would be almost impossible to contact as they had gone deep into the ‘spirit world’.