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May 1, 2017



It's not all that uncommon right now for some patients to use visualization as a mind-over-matter concentrative technique in their fight against what ails the hope that this mental technique call help alleviate their symptoms… Here is an example… a cancer patient will picture the tumor that they have…then they will picture and direct the natural defenses of the body or the drug they are taking rushing to it...kind of like seeing Teddy Roosevelt charging up San Juan Hill… those who believe in this kind of visualization technique believe that envisioning the healing process and using mental power helps to fight the tumor more effectively…the whole idea behind this is the idea that the mind has the power to mentally direct the body's healing activities…and I believe there is some truth to this…the research on this method is mixed, and to be honest is mostly done by those with an interest in showing its benefits…this kind of visualization, at least, does no harm as long as it's done with other treatments, and it can help the patient feel like more of a part of the healing process, which itself may be of help rather than just being a helpless victim...I don’t believe that mental warfare can be the sole cure in the fight, but I believe it can be a great aid…now there are those who believe that prayer alone is the answer…almost always, this has not been the case and some parents have even been arrested and stood trial when they did nothing to help their child except to pray…this has often lead to unfortunate consequences…for the person who is sick…and the ones who are supposed to be looking out for them.