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May 3, 2017



A woman described an experience that began one morning as she left her home for work…she had a mundane job and dreaded another day there...she worked in a call center and it wasn’t like the ones shown in TV commercials where the representatives are smiling and sharing a laugh with the customers…many of the customers were rude and nasty…she felt as though she was wasting her life and that all the positive energy in her body was being sucked out of her every day she went there...for some reason that was unclear to her, she took an alternate route to work…it took her out of the way but she felt compelled to take it…as she drove, she looked out the window at a peaceful lake…one surrounded by the colorful trees of autumn…geese flew overhead and she inexplicably felt that she was one of them...she suddenly felt one with her surroundings…she felt immersed in a warm, tranquil feeling she hadn’t felt before…she felt a spiritual connection that lifted the dark cloud she felt was over her for so long…at work, her tranquil state got her through the lunch, she walked out to her car never to return again…she drove back to the same spot…stopped the car…and just immersed herself into her surroundings…when she went to bed that night, she still experienced the tranquility she felt during her drive…the symbolic lifting of the cloud allowed her to see her clear path…she found work that she enjoyed and that was spiritually rewarding…to this day, she doesn’t know why she took a different road that morning, but she feels one with the universe and has found peace…she found her transformation.