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May 14, 2017



Two young women decided to go the beach one hot summer day…on the way there, for laughs, they decided to stop at a fortune teller’s place which was located halfway there…the fortune teller gave them both some general information, but as they turned to leave, she looked deep into the eyes of one of the women who was named Gina…she told her to be careful as death was stalking her today…the young woman nervously nodded and she and her friend went out to the car…Gina was visibly upset…her friend told her not to pay any attention to what happened…the fortune teller was surely just being dramatic or was being a jerk or something else…they had some lunch and went to the beach and pretty much had forgotten the warning…Gina decided to go for a swim…the water was warm and she was relaxing when she felt the pull of a riptide…it pulled her under the water for a few moments…she began to panic and thrash about as she couldn’t get away from it…she was pulled under the water for a few moments…she thought she was going to drown!...then she remembered to swim parallel to the shore and slowly she was able to free herself from the pull…she got back to shore and told her friend who had been sunbathing and not heard or seen anything…a cold chill then came over Gina…was this what the fortune teller warned her about? could she have known?...they mentioned nothing of going to the beach…how could the lady have known that indeed, death was stalking Gina that day?