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April 5, 2017

Georgy Gapon

Georgy Gapon was an Orthodox Russian priest who led a group that marched on the Tsar’s palace in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1905 to ask for a reduced working day, fair wages, and improved working conditions, among other things…Gapon and his group were fired on by the Tsar’s troops and many were killed and injured in an event that was later known as ‘Bloody Sunday’…Gapon himself, escaped and fled Russia before returning…he had developed a relationship over the years with the Okhrana and he soon revealed to a comrade his contacts with the police and tried to recruit him thinking that double loyalty is helpful to the workers' cause…However, his comrade reported this provocation to party leaders. The party leaders were unhappy with his role as a police informer and he was later murdered by members of Socialist Revolutionary Party in April of 1906.