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March 21, 2017

Aura Reading

What do you know about Aura reading?...I suspect more than you think you do…aura reading is defined as the ability to perceive the different type of energy fields that surround people, places and things…it supposedly is a luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object like a halo or aureola…now tests as to whether someone could actually ‘see’ such a thing have been a hapless failure…I suspect abilities to see an aureola are quite limited, however, there is no doubt that many times do we meet someone who has a ‘positive energy’ about them…I’m not just talking about them having an engaging personality, but just having a positive ‘glow’ about them that could rub off on those who were receptive…or perhaps someone had a ‘negative energy’? energy that said ‘leave me alone’ or was perhaps even sinister in nature…I’m sure you have felt that way about somebody at one time or another…so you see you have participated in an Aura reading.