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February 2, 2017

The Mask

Jacques Plante was the first NHL goaltender to regularly ever wear a mask…previously goalies played without one and their faces showed it...with numerous scars to prove it…Plante had experimented with a mask in practice but his coach forbade him to wear it during games…finally on one night, Plante’s nose was broken during a game…after he went to the locker room for repairs, he came out wearing his fiberglass mask…his coach was furious, but didn’t have another goalie to play, so Plante took the ice wearing his mask and refused to play without it thereafter…as the Canadians went on a winning streak, the coach continued to let him wear it…soon other goaltenders began wearing masks and eventually they became mandatory…Plante was a true trail blazer and made the game safer for all those goaltenders who followed him…in life, many wear a mask of one sort or another for one reason or another…in fact, I would hazard to guess that almost all of us wear a mask, and only rarely do we reveal our true self.