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February 28, 2017


Intuition is the ability to acquire some type of knowledge without having a shred of proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning of how you would know such a thing…or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired…perhaps you were watching a baseball game and you were certain the batter was going to hit a home run…and he did…coincidence?...perhaps…but what if it happened somewhat regularly…a feeling would come over you ‘telling’ you what would happen?...sometimes people bet on a longshot and it comes in…and afterwards they recall a feeling telling them to make that bet…or a certain event, perhaps totally unrelated led to a feeling of premonition…I recall one time picking up a box of screws of all things and seeing Phila, PA on the box…and I recall a certain feeling coming over me…there was just something that grabbed my attention…a few weeks later, Villanova University from Phila, PA won the NCAA Basketball tournament by upsetting Georgetown University…a tremendous longshot…I only wish I had acted on it….but there was something about Phila, PA that struck me when I looked at it…odd.