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December 16, 2016

Grand Canyon

Dateline Grand Canyon, AZ…being at the Grand Canyon is an amazing thing…for one, you just can’t imagine how big it is…tv doesn’t do it justice…my trip to the Grand Canyon will be remembered as a long five hour bus ride there from Vegas and another five hours back…saw a little bit of the canyon, and I mean little…one stop for twenty minutes or so and another at the gift shop lookout for about thirty minutes which didn’t leave a whole lot of time for lookin’, but what I saw was impressive…on the way there we stopped at a restaurant for an all you can eat lunch…of course by the time you waited in line for the food, you didn’t have much time to eat, let alone go for seconds…I must say though that the restaurant had the best roast turkey I’ve ever eaten…absolutely second to none…I’m glad I got a bunch the first time around…on the way back we stopped at a fast food place but instead of waiting to eat there, we went over to the gas station across the street and got some pre-made sandwiches…they even had some inexpensive souvenirs to buy…all in all, not a bad day…I even tried to enjoy the bus rides.