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December 27, 2016


I admire coyotes…a lot of people don’t like them but I do...coyotes are like people in many ways... and in some ways better…male coyotes are more faithful to their mates than most humans are…coyotes always look for the cool spots, like me, they don’t like the sun much and they sleep during the daytime and roam at night…unlike me, they’ll eat about anything…in fact there isn’t much they don’t eat…coyotes aren’t afraid of people, but they are suspicious of you, as they should be…normally, a coyote goes for the throat when attacking…they’re also a hardy sort…if a dog lays down on the ice, after a while he’ll melt through it…not a coyote…he can lay there a long time and when he gets up, you can’t even tell where he was laying…coyotes have no natural enemy but man…and man isn’t doing such a good job in containing them…there’s even been coyotes spotted recently where I live and that’s new.