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December 29, 2016

Check Engline Light

It would be interesting if we could hook ourselves up to something like one of those engine diagnostic machines that they have at car repair shops…you know, the ones that they use when your car says 'check engine light' could tell us what was ‘wrong’ with us and I bet the results would be interesting…maybe something like a top 10 list…maybe there would be an older man who has been successful in business but is still bitter about not making the high school basketball team long ago…and still carrying the resentment with him…maybe there’d be a woman who was still hurting over a lost relationship even though she claims she’s over it but it still bothers her subconsciously…also too, maybe we could get a top 10 list of our happiest moments…all calculated by a diagnostic machine …unlikely, but you never know what they’ll come up with next...I bet a lot of those things on the list would turn out to be self-inflicted.