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December 3, 2016

Agendas and Experts

I’m really tired of reading…I mean, I love reading, but…it seems nobody just reports the news anymore…they all have to put their own slant on it…their own agendas that they’re trying to push on the reader or the viewer…some places you go, it’s a liberal feed and all you get are stories from the left…on the other side, you get the information the right is feeding you and trying to get you to believe…you go to Facebook or Twitter and depending on who you follow…you get hammered over the head with those leaning one way or the other stories…you try to watch something on television and it seems you are besieged with ‘experts’ who are determined to tell you what to think…even something as innocuous as sports…how about just reporting the game and leaving your opinions to yourself?...just show the news and stop trying to frame it one way or the other…most of us folks are fairly intelligent and can figure things out…really…all this nonsense makes one to just want to take a walk into the forest…or by the beach…or if we could…board a spaceship and go off into space somewhere….somewhere where we wouldn’t be bombarded with all that chafe…I remember seeing some guy on TV who recommended that instead of watching the news, we just went out for a walk…and let our minds clear…let all those muddy thoughts settle and just enjoy the crystal clear waters of our tranquil minds…and tune into how we feel…how we really feel…communicate with nature and just let go…sound advice…turn off all of the noise and relax in the quiet…it’s been said that ignorance is bliss and sometimes that’s the next time an ‘expert’ tries to tell you something, hit the mute button.