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November 20, 2016

What's Beyond The Sky?

I have an interest on whether there might be life elsewhere…the whole Roswell type thing and its conspiracy theories bore me, and I don’t put much faith in these stories of alien abductions…but I do wonder if it is possible there are other life forms…it’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility…you hear about these ‘sightings’ by people of UFO’s and such…I suspect most are false, but who’s to say for sure?...I don’t think our intelligentsia really has any idea…and could we really trust our government or military sources to tell us the truth?... there might be a lot they already know and have refused to share it with the general public for one reason or another…I’m sure that’s true with other things…who knows what they’re working on?...or maybe the biggest joke of all…maybe they have no more idea than Joe Public and are just floundering around…and I would also suspect that any ‘alien’ life forms are most likely far, far away in a galaxy or universe that we can’t even guess at…are they like ‘The Great Gazoo’ from The Flintstones?...that would be helpful but I’m going to guess that it’s doubtful…but sometimes it’s fun just to look up at the skies at night and wonder what is on the other side of the sky, and the stars…when the stars look down on us at night, what do they think? there someone looking down on us too?...we like to think we know so much about space and perhaps we do…but there is so much we do not know…we sent Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 and it has sent back some interesting information and photos…still, we probably haven’t even touched the surface of discovering this universe…or what, or who is beyond it.